It’s the start of Scottish Book Week this week!

We will be visiting the local library on Wednesday morning and P1 will be gifted with their very own ‘Bookbug Bag’ with lovely story books and activities to share with someone at home. 

This afternoon, P1 watched a clip of Ross Collins reading his award winning children’s picture book ‘There’s a Bear on My Chair’. It is a funny tale about a tiny mouse who has his chair stolen by a naughty polar bear who doesn’t want to move from it. The mouse tries everything to get this bear to budge from his precious chair!

We talked about rhyming words found in this funny tale and what we would do or say to the bear to get him off our chair if we were the mouse.

Here are some of P1’s great ideas…

  • JJ –  “I would just tip him off it.”

  • Aaron – “I would buy the bear a big chair of his own.”

  • Aiden – “I would saw the legs off the chair!”

  • Charlie –   “I would ask the bear, ‘Please can you get off my chair?'”

  • Liam – “I think I would get a brand new chair so we could sit together.”

  • Eva – “I would push him off!”