Mrs Laird came to visit Primary 1 in maths today to see what we’ve been working on recently. We moved around station activities based on our Number knowledge of numbers 0-20 and place value – especially the teen numbers, after answering a challenge question set by the teacher at the start.

Station 1 – involved counting out towers of cubes up to 20 and double checking our count.

Station 2 –  involved counting out sets of items into numbered trays and getting your partner to double check your count.

Station 3 – an ICT game on the smart board involving counting challenges.

Station 4 – working with tens and ones to show the value of a given number – i.e the number 13 being 1 ten and 3 ones or 10 + 3.

We all worked really hard and the children gave feedback on what they liked and what they would like to do more of or change next time. Most liked the use of ICT and games, they said they enjoyed getting more time with the teacher in a focus group and they liked using teddies to count with. They said they would like to continue to get different activities in lessons and spend more time on adding.