In Outdoor Learning this morning, P1 worked their way around station activities that included:

– #1 – The numeracy station where the group had to use listening and counting skills to collect the correct number of items to match each hoop. They then had to solve addition problems by adding 2 quantities together from 2 hoops at a time.

– #2 The literacy station involving letter stencilling. Individuals had to find the correct letters to make their name, then they had to order all the letters into alphabetical order. We sang the alphabet song to help us.

-#3 & #4 The mud kitchen and sandpit – these were free exploration stations where the groups had to work on social skills such as ‘sharing’ of resources and ‘team work’. They had to use their creative skills and imagination to create something using the mud and sand and tell me about it. Some groups made a road or some cooked up ‘chocolate brownies’, ‘worm stew’ and my favourite ‘tea and cakes’!

Our sun cream and sun hats came in handy, it got very hot outside!! Please have them handy again for tomorrow 🙂