This morning we watched a clip of ‘Finding Nemo’ where Marlin (Nemo’s dad) is sending him off to school for the first time. Marlin feels nervous for Nemo, worrying about him making new friends and being safe. Nemo however is excited about it and wants to get going.

We had a circle time and discussed how we felt about moving up in to Primary 2, the prospect of being in a new class with a new teacher. We talked about what advice we would give Marlin or Nemo to counteract their worries. Some of these included:

‘Do not worry because you will learn new things’.

‘Do not worry because people in school are nice.’

‘If you find something hard, keep trying.’

‘You can always ask the teacher for help.’

‘Do not worry because you will make new friends.’

‘Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see your other friends at different times.’ (At playtime, lunchtime etc)

‘Do not worry, you’ll get to go on great school trips.’