Photography in the Outdoors

P1 tried their hand at photography today – learning how to take a photo using a camera outside in small groups. We know that photographs can be kept or printed out to keep as memories of special moments with friends or family, to be used as pictures of art work, or to record our learning.

The children were given school cameras in small groups to take photos of whatever they liked. Some chose to take ‘selfies’, or take photos of their friends and some chose to take photos of things found in the playground. This was lots of fun!

Have a look at the fantastic photographs we managed to take…

(Apologies – I don’t think the slideshow option is working…click on each tile to get a bigger view!)


Primary 1’s favourite things this year…

( We typed these sentences ourselves! ūüôā )

I like reading.                                 Kai

I like learning my sounds.          Owen

I    like   circle  time.                      Aiden

I like  outdoor learning.                Aaron

I like special events.                       Liam

I like doing P.E..                               Kaleb

I  like  reading books.                      Charlie


More to follow later in the week!

End of Term Preparations

Over the next week I will be starting to send a lot of Primary 1’s school work from this year home. Can I ask that every child brings in a carrier bag in their school bag to help carry any work home in? We may have to do it bit by bit!¬†Most of their jotters will be kept in school to be passed along to class teachers for next year.

Thank you ūüôā

Friday 16th – Class Party with P4


On Friday 16th June, Mrs MacDonald and I plan to host a small party in the afternoon¬†for the children in the hall in celebration of all their hard work¬†that they put in to the¬†Rocky Monster Show. It is also Ryan and Oscar Campbell’s¬†last day at Glenurquhart PS before they move to¬†a new home and¬†school in Inverness¬†– we thought that¬†this would be a lovely way for both classes to say their goodbyes to the boys.

The children can bring a change of party clothes to change into after lunch. Could I ask that everyone tries to bring in something small to eat or drink for nibbles afterwards? For example, crisps, cakes, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages etc. If everyone brings in just one thing to contribute, the children will have a feast! If your child has allergies, we ask you bring in something that suits their needs and myself and Mrs MacDonald will check which items are suitable for them to choose from.

Many thanks to all the parental support and my many helpers – Mrs McCloskey, Miss Campbell, Mrs Power, Miss Cameron, Mrs Bradley, Shannon Bradley, Miss Curley and Mrs Haig (sorry if I missed anyone!) that helped with the preparations for the show. It was a fantastic success and it is has really helped boost the children’s confidence across the school this term. More photos have been posted up on the school website by Mrs Laird for you to view.

Rocky Monster Show

A massive well done to Primary 1 who were amazing in their first performance of the Rocky Monster Show this afternoon. They listened, they sang out and they were really well behaved backstage. One more down, one more to go!

Can children needing their faces painted arrive at the school at 5.30pm? Others can file in at 5.45pm to get changed. The children can go home tomorrow evening in their costumes after the performance and return anything that has been borrowed to school on Wednesday morning. Please collect your child after the performance up at the high school. I shall wait outside with them all until everyone is collected.